Import Sales Business

We import and sell cutting-edge technological products from the U.S. and Europe.


  • Specialty Chemicals for CVD

    Specialty Chemicals for CVD

    Specialty chemicals such as Yb(thd)3 for laser fiber for CVD precursors are available.

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  • Vacuum gauge

    Vacuum gauge
    InstruTech, Inc (USA)

    InstruTech's core technology is microprocessor based vacuum gauge sensors utilizing the most recent advances in vacuum gauge sensor and controller design.

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  • Induction Medium Frequency Generators

    Induction Medium Frequency Generators
    Jutronic d.o.o.(Slovenia)

    Offers a wide range of Solid State Medium Frequency generators for induction heating melting systems and programs.

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  • Low Refractive Index material

    Low Refractive Index material
    Raymat (USA)

    We design and formulate coatings and adhesives for optical fibers, photonics, semiconductors and lasers. We provide low refractive index UV-cured resins.

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