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Corporate philosophy

HEMMI's Greeting
Since its establishment in 1895, HEMMI Slide Rule has strived for contribution to development of society.

Main business we’re operating includes manufacturing and sales of “Printed Circuit Board”, “Flow Control Devices”, “Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Equipment” and “Analytical & Testing Equipment”. We also conduct business of real estate leasing. In addition, there are two subsidiaries: HEMMI Kigyo Limited, which provides renovation of housing and building, and FT-Okura, which imports and sells high-tech product from USA and Europe.

Based on corporate philosophy “Imagine an aim in heart, hold firm belief and act with courage”, we’re committed to become a company that can achieve more contribution to development of society for further growth step by step while respecting the history and tradition of over 120 years since establishment.

President & CEO: Takeshi Okura
HEMMI Slide Rule Co., Ltd.
Takeshi Okura