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Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment
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Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment (MO-CVD)
In a low pressure reactor, metalorganic compounds (group III - V) and hydrogen compounds are thermally decomposed, and epitaxial deposition of compound semiconductor crystal is performed on the substrate.
Metalorganic Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment (MO-CVD)
1. Wafer size and treatment capacity
8 6-inch wafers or 5/batch
6 4-inch wafers/batch
10 3-inch wafers/batch
2. Cassette to cassette support (optional)
Supports overall automatic processing.
The handler had been designed specifically for fragile compound semiconductor wafers.
6-inch and 4-inch wafers can easily be switched.
3. Hydrogen atmosphere
Cassette to cassette is performed under high-purity hydrogen atmosphere, effective for semiconductor laser.
4. High uniformity
High uniformity is achieved by rotation and revolution of the wafers. Stable rotation with minimum vertical vibrations is ensure by driving the susceptor from the outside (patented method).
5. Yield
The wafer side which undergoes epitaxial deposition is turned downward to avoid negative influence of particles and reduce defective crystals.
6. Excellent temperature control
Multi-zone heating for an excellent control of the furnace temperature (temperature distribution, temperature rising and lowering).
7. High-speed gas switching
We used our long experience to design a high-speed gas source switching system. Integrated parts are used in gas system components to minimize the dead volume. It is thus possible to realize the interface abruptness needed for multilayer deposition film.
8. Software
High reliability and high operability are achieved through the use of the latest controller and a Windows-based program that features all our knowledge and understanding of process operation. Recipes can be easily modified to meet customers process conditions. Connection with the most advanced computers is also simple.
9. And more
- We respond to customers specific requirements.
Our technical staff addresses with very close attention issues regarding process technologies and hardware technologies.
- We handle equipment from large-scale mass production devices to small-scale and research and development units.
- Before order or shipment, we perform test in our laboratory to confirm customers specific process handling.
- We consult expert groups to clarify process conditions, etc.
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