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Fluid Control Equipment - Mass Flow Products
Mass Flow Products
For mass flow controllers
Flow setting indicator with power supply
PM1000B series
- General manufacturing processes
- A wide range of chemical analyses
- Research and development of new materials
- Smart instrumentation possible
Indicator, setter and power supply in one unit
- Scaling indicator
Flow value (output) scaling indicator
with front potentiometer and decimal point switching.
- Set value displayed with SET/OUT switch
- Flow counter
- CE marking compliant
Item Specification
Measurement Measurement type MFC flow rate value (instantaneous) / MFC integrated value (integration)
Measurement method A / D conversion method resolution: about 1/7000 (for full scale input)
Input measurement interval: about 20 ms
Low cut 0~29% of the maximum analog input (arbitrary setting is available)
Display unit Display 5-digit display in Red LED,
Character height: 8 mm (zero blanking method)
Display switch Display of MFC flow value / MFC integrated value can be switched with ▲ key
RA  lamp "RA" lamp (red) lights while MFC flow rate value is being displayed
TO  lamp "TO" lamp (red) lights up while MFC integrated value is being displayed
Flow value display Measurement accuracy ± 0.3% (F.S.) ± 1 digit (23 ° C) for analog input
Scaling method Arbitrary setting is available for MFC flow rate value display at maximum analog input
Display range 0 to 9999 ( when display is over, "9999" is flashing and the OV lamp lighting up.)
Display sampling time Averaged display (fixed) in about 0.5 seconds
Correction of least significant digit "Normal" · "0 fixed" · "0 or 5 display" can be selected
Integrated value display Measurement accuracy ± 0.3% (F.S.) ± 1 digit (23 ° C) for analog input
Scaling method According to mode setting, arbitrary setting is available for MFC integration value at the maximum value of analog inputs per hour
Display range 0~99999
Display offset According to display offset setting value, the MFC integrated value after the reset can be arbitrarily set within the range from 0 to 99999
Input MFC flow signal DC 0 – 5V  D - sub  input resistance 330 KΩ
External setting signal DC 0 - 5V  terminal block  input resistance 330 KΩ
VOR IN External VOR operation is available
Alarm Comparison method Choose from upper and lower limit
Output mode Comparison / synchronization pulse (OUT 1: selectable in mode)
Output method NPN open collector output 2 points
Maximum rating: DC 30V 50 mA max
Power Supply AC 100 - 240 V (-15% / + 10%) 270 mA
max 50/60 Hz less than 35 VA
Weight · Dimensions Approx. 400 g
W 96 × H 48 × D 156 mm (excluding panel surface protrusions)
Operating temperature and humidity range 0 to 50 ° C 30 to 80% RH (with no condensation)
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