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Fluid Control Equipment - Mass Flow Products
Mass Flow Products
Ultra clean mass flow controller
HM6500 series (normally close type)
- Various semiconductor manufacturing processes
- Research and development of new material devices
- Corrosive gas line flow control
- Equipped with stainless diaphragm and metallic O-ring
- Ultra clean treatment available
- Minimized dead volume
- Free installation position
- Equipped with piezo actuator
- 5SCCM to 30SLM with the same size
Type Clean type Ultra clean type
Model HM6514A HM6541B
Flow 5 SCCM - 30SLM 10 - 30SLM 5 SCCM - 5SLM 10 - 30SLM
Control range 2-100% of F.S
Accuracy ±1% of F.S
Linearity ±0.5% of F.S
Repeatability ±0.2% of F.S
Response 1 sec. or less (98% of span)
Pressure resistance 980kPa
Operating differential pressure  50-300kPa 70-300kPa 50-300kPa 70-300kPa
Leakage standard 1×10-11Pa•m3/s (He) or less
Operating temperature 5-45°C (same for gas temperature)
Flow set signal 5kΩ potentiometer or external 0−5V DC (1−5V DC with option)
Flow output signal 0−5V DC (1−5V DC with option)
Gas contact material SUS316L
Joint ø1/4”VCR compliant
Installation position Free
Weight Approximately 900g
D×W×H 124×34×112
Drive power +15V DC ±0.3% 50mA
−15V DC ±0.3% 60mA
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