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Fluid Control Equipment - Valves
Mass Flow Products
From control of very low pressure and flow for
analysis tools to use in semiconductor manufacturing.
We have prepared optimal products to be
used in various fields, including pressure
control and flow control equipment.
Precision flow control valves
Pressure control valves
Precision flow control valves
Model Type Application Flow range  
MV1000A Needle valve Control of very low gas and liquid
flows for analysis tool, etc.
70 - 6000ml/min See more
CF1000A/CF2000A Flow control valve Analysis tool, etc.
Available for primary and secondary pressure variation
100 - 30000ml/min See more
LC2100A Flow control valve
for liquid
Liquid sampling
(supports air bubble removal)
30 - 300ml/min
See more
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Pressure control valves
Model Type Application Set pressure  
RD1200A Ø50 pressure reducing valve Analysis tool gas lines 5.88 - 588kPa See more
RD1400A Ø40 pressure reducing valve Analysis tool gas
panel instrument
5.88 - 588kPa See more
RD1410B Ø40 metal diaphragm
pressure reducing valve
High precision analysis tool,
high temperature gas
5.88 - 588kPa See more
RD1500A Ø70 pressure reducing valve Low differential pressure control in gas line 2.94 - 196kPa See more
RD2210A Ø50 metal diaphragm
pressure reducing valve
Gas for semiconductor manufacturing, etc. 17.15 - 2058kPa See more
HA1100A Ø25 block pressure reducing valve Dedicated to gas collection panel
of analysis tool
30 - 70kPa See more
LR1200A Ø50 water pressure reducing valve Sampling line (water) 29 - 294kPa See more
RU1400A Ø40 back-pressure valve Tank or pump gas
pressure control
5.88 - 588kPa See more
RU1500A Ø70 back-pressure valve Tank gas pressure
and low pressure control
2.94 - 196kPa See more
RU2210A Ø50 metal diaphragm
back-pressure valve
High-purity and corrosive gas 17.15 - 1372kPa See more
RV2210A Ø50 metal diaphragm
negative pressure pressure reducing valve
High-purity gas, corrosive gas and low vapor pressure gas -98 - +490kPa See more
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