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Printed Circuit Boards
Pattern Design
UL Certification
Pattern Design
Our patterns are designed considering the printed circuit board fabrication.
CAD systems
- CR5000 PWS - Altium Designer - CADVANCE - PADS - DK-Magic - Protel
Cover edition
Drawing formats
Pattern Design
●Thick copper foil boards
I would like to make thick copper foil boards but I don't know the specifications.
Our designs reflect our know-how acquired from past results.
●Impedance control boards
After completing the pattern design, we sent the data to the printed board manufacturer. But as we had to change the wiring, the person-hours increased.
The fabrication specs didn't match and we had to reedit the data, which generated costs increase.
Just send us specifications such as "characteristic impedance of 50 Ω ±10%" and we will minimize unnecessary person-hours and costs increases by making the decisions based on our fabrication know-how.
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